About GoldenGates

Our Story

Golden Gates Global (GGG) was founded in 2014 by veteran entrepreneurs of the financial market, who previously worked
with the top trading desks in London and Amsterdam.
Over the last 7 years, GGG has grown to become one of the
premier CFD firms with a daily volume averaging 1.6$ billion.

GGG conducts its business on over 94 destinations worldwide.
We provide direct trade execution and services to professional
traders and family-offices for a wide variety of products
including futures across all markets; stocks, indices, commodities, forex pairs and cryptocurrency.

GGG provides online trading service and has representations in various jurisdictions in Europe and Asia.

Our Goal

At GoldenGates Global, our goal is to enable anyone in the world to join the fintech revolution by copying
successful methods, perfected by decades of experience and
hard work of our 100+ dealers, analysts and portfolio managers.
Our desire is to inspire investors to trade with confidence
in an environment that provides them with the best resources
and tools to trade securely and profitably.

Our values are transparency, professionalism and constant innovation. GGG seeks to establish itself as a top global CFD/FX platform, with our customers at the center of our attention and on our top priority.

Why GoldenGates

GoldenGates is a leading global provider of CFD trading services for Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Indices.
Here is why you should trade with us:

  • Global Presence
    GoldenGates is continually growing and expanding our services across the world. This presence enables us to offer the best services that meet the individual needs of diverse traders.
  • Security and Safety of Funds
    GoldenGates uses the latest and best security measure for all transactions and activities on its site and platform. No client information is compromised at any given time, while all client money is held in secure, segregated accounts.
  • Easy and Convenient Trading
    GoldenGates has ensured that everything on our site can be done with ease and convenience. From account opening and depositing to trading and withdrawals, you will have a hassle-free trading experience at GoldenGates
  • Transparency
    There are no hidden terms, conditions or fees at GoldenGates What you see is what you get.
  • Advanced Platform
    GoldenGates offers Forex and CFD trading on an advanced and robust trading platform that guarantees the best execution and is packed with numerous trading tools and resources that will greatly enhance your trading.
  • Excellent Customer Service
    The multilingual support team at GoldenGates is friendly, professional, responsive and available 24/6 to attend to your needs with the utmost urgency.